Give a Cluck!

Chiri For Good's Ñaña knitters pose with their chickens #Giveacluck

Buy a chicken, gift a chicken. 

The Ñaña knitters are paid a fair wage for all of their work with Chiri, but for every embroidered Nory sweater sold they take home a little something extra: a laying hen to put eggs on the table and smiles everyone's faces. 
When the women of the Ñaña knitting collective make their way to Arequipa, they incorporate many of the traditions from their villages into their new urban environment. One of these is raising chickens at home to provide a sustainable source of protein to supplement their families' diets. (That, and the added bonus of a little friend to keep them company throughout the day!)
When you buy a Nory sweater for yourself or someone you love, you double the joy by giving the gift of a chicken twofold -- one embroidered, one fully feathered.
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Chiri's littlest Ñaña with her Give a Cluck chicken