Why Alpaca?

Chiri - Ball of baby alpaca yarn in camellia

Every Chiri piece is knit from silky soft, pure baby alpaca yarns sourced from the hi
ghlands of Peru. This natural fiber is hypoallergenic and both lighter and warmer than wool. This means sleek lines and elegant drape without sacrificing any of the coziness.

How does alpaca compare to cashmere, a fiber long synonymous with luxury? No contest — alpaca outperforms on both quality and sustainability. Alpaca is a longer fiber, meaning that it’s softer, more durable, and less prone to pilling than cashmere. 

And there’s no comparison when it comes to sustainability. While cashmere goats can be hard on the earth where they graze, contributing to overgrazing and desertification, alpaca are gentle grazers with a much lighter impact on the highlands where they are raised. An alpaca also produces far more fiber, to the tune of four or five sweaters per year, compared to the single sweater produced by a cashmere goat. And because alpaca fiber is more durable, sweaters can be worn and loved for many, many years.

Combine the superior qualities of warm, downy alpaca fiber with Chiri’s commitment to fair payment for the expert craftsmanship of the Peruvian artisans who knit our goods, and you’ll find all the makings of true ethical luxury. If only doing the right thing could always look and feel so good.